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Recording under plenty of monikers since 1994, Footprints was started in 2021 by Muh. Hasan Rahmat' Allah born William Lamont Robinson. A SESAC composer for almost 20 years. Whos latest music can be labeled Jazztronica with a fusion of jazz to hip-hop (jazzHOP) & beat art (aka hipBOP).

He is also an Author (Literary, Graphics & Music), Producer & Creative Professional at Ghadaqan Music (BMI) - So Amusing (ASCAP) & Urban Sufi Music (SESAC). Who has released records as Usephasan, Bil Basmala, Autolect (now defunct) and a couple of other pseudonyms.

As an American Underground rap emcee, songwriter, and producer of nasheed, post-modern hip-hop & beat art for Footprints Music Group, and Traces catalog as William Lamont Robinson includes Ghadaqan Music (BMI), So Amusing (ASCAP) and Urban Sufi Music (SESAC).

Visual Artist

“I launched my creative agency Athar in early 2022. For artworks, posters, Top-Level Web design, merchandise design, and digital marketing support."

Hasan is a writer and makes fine-art as HA or Hādin. Hadin is a laqab, an honorific epithet, meaning ‘guided’ or ‘a guide’.

A member of SESAC since 2004

I’ve been a sole-proprietor and creative professional for over 20 years. As an Independent Music Publisher (with over 500 compositions published), Writer, Graphic Designer, and Music Producer. This includes over 25 years of practical B2B and B2C service knowledge. Products include Fine Art, Vinyl, CD and innovate USB-Albums and now NFTs.

I gained practical knowledge from first-hand experience in Los Angeles and thru out the United States from 1997 to 2017. Matching this with academic studies and a return to University in 2014, to obtain a BA in Global Studies (Sept. 2016).

From 2017 - 2020, I traveled to South East Asia and received more practical knowledge for doing business globally. This included proposals for MDEC - Malaysia Digital Economy Company for digital marketing and platforms. In 2019, I was accepted to research stimuli, memory, and performance at UTM-University Technology Malaysia (Skudia). Only cut-short by the C-19 Crisis of 2020. The address where I stayed while studying in Malaysia was 21 Fortune Hills. This is where I launched the idea for the boutique design agency.

I have been employed by Apple Inc., on 3 separate occasions and as an Analyst for NTERONE. A technology-based education company from Reston, Virginia.

My works are notable as an accumulation of my life experiences, and thats my resume.